We supply modular solutions for all types of hydraulic and air flow networks.

Applications for your networks

HVAC professionals can benefit from our knowledge and expertise in managing the various mounting and support-related constraints for hydraulic and air flow networks.

Air flow network

For mounting, installing or suspending your ventilation networks and equipment

Hydraulic network

For managing air conditioning, heating and plumbing networks

Cable tray

To make it easy to install and fit your electrical networks.

Fire protection

For secure installation and mounting of your sprinkler and fire protection systems (FPS)

Discover our modular solutions to support and fix your HVAC networks

Our products

Support and mounting products for hydraulic and air flow networks.

Insulating clamps

To avoid the formation of condensation and thermal bridges

Mounting clamps

For supporting pipes, networks and clamping flexible ducts

Rails and accessories

For suspending and supporting pipes, ducts and appliances


For supporting and damping vibrations in HVAC installations

Quick suspension

For bearing loads from 35 kg to 60 kg

Screws and plugs

For fastening when fitting our various solutions to a wall or ceiling.

Cable tray

For supporting and storing your cable installations


For cutting, separating, drilling, strapping, measuring…

Terrace supports

For supporting equipment on roofs

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SUFIX - Suspension pour réseaux aérauliques et hydrauliques

Securing your sites

We support you, from the design phase to the implementation phase, to size and select the anchoring and mounting systems best suited to the needs and constraints of your applications.


Modular support and mounting systems to resolve support issues on your hydraulic and air flow networks, as well as your plumbing, heating, air conditioning, fire protection systems and industrial piping.

We meet your needs

Our solutions meet the needs of numerous fields in the building industry: ventilation, air conditioning, heating, plumbing, electricity, industry and fire protection.

Bearing loads

By offering a selection of solutions dedicated to bearing loads on your hydraulic, electrical and air flow networks.

Anchoring supports

By offering a selection of solutions dedicated to anchoring your supports adapted to all types of building walls.

Guiding networks

By offering a selection of solutions dedicated to guiding your networks.

Damping vibrations

By offering a selection of vibration damping solutions for your networks designed to prevent the transmission of vibrations to the supports.

Our applications

We support you in your projects for all types of buildings.

Tertiary buildings

Industrial buildings

Healthcare establishments

Educational establishments

Sufix catalogue price list


To help you with your projects for supporting and fixing HVAC equipment, SUFIX provides you with catalogs of our products, including technical data sheets and price lists for all our articles.

You will find all our references to select the products that suit your site constraints.

Frequently asked questions about support and mounting:

The support system is a component designed to transfer the load of a pipe to a support. The load on the support therefore includes the weight of the pipe itself, the weight of the fluid which it transports, the accessories associated with it (e.g. valves or instruments) or covering it (e.g. heat insulation).

The main functions are therefore anchoring, guiding, vibration damping and load bearing.

The various fluid networks must be supported. In network installations, the support system is considered a constraint regulator. In fact, the support system is subject to certain constraints and obligations:

  • Bearing the load of the network
  • Taking into account seismic constraints
  • Anchoring the installations
  • Damping the vibrations of the systems
  • Preventing condensation in the networks
  • Avoiding dilation of networks and heat losses
  • Taking into account seismic constraints

Our mounting and support systems are designed for all types of application:

  • Ventilation networks
  • Heating networks
  • Air conditioning networks
  • Plumbing networks
  • Electrical networks
  • Fire systems
  • Network drop
  • Misalignment in the case of a network dilation
  • Cracked pipe
  • Water damage
  • Risks to persons

Our services

Discover our services and tools to help you in your day-to-day projects.

Product catalogue 

Technical data sheets and price list

Design software

Compliant with the current directives of European Assessment Documents (EAD), European Technical Approval Guidelines (ETAG) and Eurocodes.

Online ordering

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Anchoring test

Custom analysis and detailed report

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