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A complete range of support and mounting solutions for HVAC systems

colliers-isolants Sufix

Insulating clamps

Mounting clamps for insulated pipes.


Our expertise in manufacturing insulated clamps enables us to meet all your support requirements for hot and cold water pipes, or standard mixed and made-to-measure pipes.

Insulating clamps are used to protect against the formation of condensation and thermal bridges in pipes while also bearing the loads of said pipes. The integrated coating on our insulating clamps ensures perfect continuity of the vapour barrier in your insulation systems.

Colliers métalliques SUFIX

Metal clamps

Mounting solution for pipes in hot water, heating and domestic water systems and PVC networks.


Our SUFIX range of metal clamps for supporting pipes and networks or for clamping flexible ducts in ventilation systems will meet all your needs.

We offer a wide range of diameters for your various applications as well as a full range of accessories: suspension brackets, fastening clamps, perforated suspension tape, notched tape and more!

Finally, we also support you in your more complex projects for high-temperature networks, heavy pipes (< 7500 kg) and circular air flow networks.

Rail, console et accessoires fixation SUFIX

Mounting rails and accessories

Mounting rail solutions adapted to your various applications.


This SUFIX range offers a wide selection of rails, consoles and accessories in electro-galvanised steel, dedicated to supporting and suspending pipe networks, ducts and wall- or ceiling-mounted appliances.

Our ranges are available in several versions (single or double), as well as in various lengths, widths, heights and thicknesses to meet your needs.

We will support you in selecting and sizing your projects according to the various constraints and (light/heavy) load-bearing requirements of your mounting system.

Solution supportage genie climatique et antivibratile


Anti-vibration support solution adapted to ventilation and air conditioning systems installed in roofs.


Our solutions adapted to all types of climate control engineering installation (HVAC systems) are used to support and damp vibrations on all your equipment and protect the sealing on flat roofs.

We adapt to your requirements and your environments (flat or pitched roofs, plant rooms, walls, etc.).

Our SUFIX range of supporting tiles, pads and frames meets the most specific needs: materials (SBR/NBR, rubber, elastomer etc.), equipment load, specific environments (dry, presence of oil, airborne noise emissions etc.), dimensions, specific material (metrology, boiler etc.), equipment on roofs (air handling units, outdoor chiller/air conditioning unit).

Suspension rapide SUFIX

Quick suspension systems

Quick suspension solution secured by a system of cabling and locking rollers for HVAC installations.


We offer quick fastening systems designed to support your installations (air conditioning, ventilation, pipework, lights and signalling, suspended ceilings).

These systems composed of 1.5- to 2-mm steel cables and self-locking rollers are used to bear loads of 35 kg to 60 kg. We also offer anchoring hooks for suspension of static loads such as air conditioning units, suspended ceilings and marine tiles.

Visserie Cheville SUFIX

Screws and plugs

Quality mounting solutions designed for supporting HVAC equipment.


We offer a wide range of plugs and fasteners for securing all types of support.

Whether the support is solid or hollow, on cracked or non-cracked concrete, our products have different approvals enabling your networks to be securely fixed, guaranteeing you peace of mind.

Chemin de cable et accessoires électriques SUFIX

Cable trays and accessories

Support solution for your cable installations or refrigerating pipes.


SUFIX offers you a very wide range of cable trays for supporting and storing your electrical cable installations as well as various related accessories (assembly, mounting lights and units, modifying cable routes, supporting according to the loads of the ceiling or wall).

Our ranges are available in several widths and heights.

Supportage et fixation des réseaux frigorifiques

Mounting and support for cooling networks

Support solution for the cooling networks and equipment on your air conditioning systems.


SUFIX offers you a wide range of wall-mounted supports, vibration-damping feet, refrigerating pipes, rails and cable trays.

Outils pour la pose des équipements CVC


All the tools you need for cutting and fitting HVAC equipment.


Cutting, separating, drilling, strapping, measuring… we supply all the everyday tools you need for fitting our mounting and support equipment.

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